Our Staff

Alexander Vessis
Alexander VessisCEO

Craig WalkerActivities Co-ordinator

Georgia EdwardsOISC Level 2 Asylum and Protection Caseworker

Tom RoseCaseworker

Camilla BostockOISC Level 2 Asylum and Protection Caseworker

Suvi RehellBefriender Project Manager
Vincent IbekweCaseworker
Tressa ThomasActivities Co-ordinator
Abimbola Adeosun Finance and Business Administrator
Azza Gasim
Azza Gasim Communications & Fundraising Officer
Maia Walton Volunteer Co-ordinator and Development Officer for Cornwall Refugee Resource Network
Waleed Abdallah
Waleed Abdallah Casework Manager and OISC level 1 Casework Supervisor
Rebecca Van Der Veer
Rebecca Van Der Veer Caseworker

Our Volunteers

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Ian Gasper
Ian GasperChair of Trustees

John Stephens Vice-Chair
Andrew Eccleston
Andrew Eccleston Interim Treasurer

Jane BarkesTrustee Secretary
Alana Hunter
Alana Hunter Safeguarding Lead

Sana Murrani

Abbas Mohammed

Poorna Dias Gunaswkera

Azeb Mengisteab