Our Staff

Alexander Vessis
Alexander VessisCEO

Craig WalkerActivities Co-ordinator

Georgia EdwardsOISC Level 2 Asylum and Protection Caseworker

Tom RoseCaseworker

Camilla BostockOISC Level 2 Asylum and Protection Caseworker

Suvi RehellBefriender Project Manager
Vincent IbekweCaseworker
Tressa ThomasActivities Co-ordinator
Abimbola Adeosun Finance and Business Administrator
Azza Gasim
Azza Gasim Communications & Fundraising Officer
Maia Walton Volunteer Co-ordinator and Development Officer for Cornwall Refugee Resource Network
Waleed Abdallah
Waleed Abdallah Casework Manager and OISC level 1 Casework Supervisor
Rebecca Van Der Veer
Rebecca Van Der Veer Caseworker

Our Volunteers

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Ian Gasper
Ian GasperChair of Trustees
Timothy Nyahasha
Timothy Nyahasha Head of HR
Alana Hunter
Alana Hunter
Andrew Eccleston
Andrew Eccleston Interim Treasurer

Jane BarkesTrustee Secretary

Sana Murrani

John Stephens Vice-Chair

Poorna Dias Gunaswkera

Azeb Mengisteab