Crowdfunder Launch – Appeal Rights Exhausted Home

When an asylum seeker has their claim refused & has exhausted avenues to appeal that claim, they’re destitute & at severe risk of exploitation. At this point, they have no right to work or rent and are no longer entitled to housing or financial support.

Our ARE Home will give each person 6 months to be supported back into the asylum system – to give them a fair chance to prove why they had to escape.

This is a multi-agency project with:

PATH – managing the lease agreement and property
DCRS – with the use of our Fresh Claims Project – will unpick the failed claims and re-package them with fresh evidence ready for submission
Livewell Southwest – will provide 1to1 mental health support
Provide Devon – will support with food parcels
Migrant Legal Project – will represent each tenant once the work has been completed by DCRS

DONATE today to support some of the most vulnerable members of our Plymouth community.