A City Life Poem

When I think of the city, I think of….  DCRC 


This poem – and ‘when I think of Plymouth I think of…’ was developed over a number of weeks during the Creative English/Drama sessions on Friday afternoons. 


We introduced the group to William Wordsworth’s poem ‘THE DAFFODILS’ and having talked about the language and imagery, we then talked about the countryside and special flowers, inviting them to discuss their own homeland countryside – its flowers, colours, smells etc. 


So, for the next session, we introduced The Beatles’ song, ‘PENNY LANE’ which is about a street in Liverpool. After discussing the language and content, we asked the group to share the sounds, smells, noises, colours, activities, memories- good and bad- of a homeland city of theirs; of course, there was much sharing too, of photographs on phones! 


Over the next few sessions, we collected their words and descriptions on the whiteboard – this was interspersed with ‘drama’ games of building sequences, mime work of various situations and playing on oversized versions of noughts and crosses and snakes and ladders. 


Eventually, we wove their descriptions of city life into a structure and called it- 


When I think of the city, I think of…. 



Jenny & Paul Shryane  June 2024