• Dispersal city
    A city that has Home Office supplied housing for asylum seekers. They are provided this while waiting for a decision on their asylum case.
  • Asylum seeker
    An individual who has claimed asylum in the UK due to fear of persecution from their country of origin.
  • Refugee
    An individual that has been granted Refugee Status following a decision on their asylum claim.
  • Triage
    Our service at DCRS where service users can talk to a caseworker about any issues relating to their asylum claim, housing and finances and any other concerns.
  • Status
    An individual who has had a successful immigration application for a variation of leave to remain in the UK.
  • *ARE – Appeal Rights Exhausted*
    When an individual has applied for asylum and has appealed to all possible courts (First and Upper) but the application is still refused. They then become Appeal Rights Exhausted.