Volunteer Spotlight: Jean

It has been a privilege to be a volunteer at DCRS for the last 10+ years. I have had the best time, both teaching English and taking part in activities. The most memorable activities have been The 2019 Dartington International Music Festival where a group of us took part in a week of Middle Eastern music and song, (later to be part of a B Bar performance); the Bike project which turned my study into a bike workshop; FotoNow sessions of walks and cooking, and the Music Zone sessions of learning each other’s songs and giving a concert.

Our English classes are not offering a college-type course but are stand-alone sessions, topic based, which are of immediate use to our students when they are first in Plymouth. We have students of all ages, backgrounds and educational levels who may come occasionally or regularly. They may leave halfway through, they may be having a bad day, but they can meet others, make friends, laugh and be made to feel welcome in their new life. Far more important initially than any verb, vocabulary or pronunciation.

It is a privilege to be a small part of their journey and my life is richer from having known and made friends with so many of our students.